How can I contact your Team?
Contact us at info@wowcharger.com
How many countries does the WOW CHARGER can be shipped to?
We are offering global shipping to all backers.
How I borrow the power bank?
Download our APP and scan the QR code to borrow the power bank.
Where can I find your WOWCHARGER?
You can check them on map through APP.
How I return the power bank?
You can return the power bank through APP ,or pressing the button on the box.
Does WOW CHARGER work with android and iOS phones?
Yes it does.
How many times does the battery charge the phone?
If charging iphone7,it can charge about two times.
Does WOW CHARGER work globally?
Yes, it does.
Do you offer warranty?
Yes, the WOW CHARGER will arrive with a 12-month warranty.
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